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About Us

In a time when everyone is now “some kind” of default or distressed property “expert” (only because whatever they were doing up until now is no longer profitable), let me tell you about REOcomplete.

When REOcomplete was developing, there was conscious goal: This goal was to create a company designed from the ground up that will become the BEST in the disposition of REO assets. Furthermore, we committed to these industry leading results over and over and over.

After much research, we defined industry key performance indicators—before most knew what they were, and when no one tracked them. Next, I defined what “good numbers” should be. Finally, I designed “underlying” systems that could meet and exceed these expectations. This led to the development of “ASSET,” the definitive REO work flow application used by all REOcomplete offices and agents.

ASSET (Asset System Status “E” Technology) proved itself when put into daily use in 2005 at our Langhorne PA office. As REO reached unprecedented volumes, inventories were easily managed, efficiently and with industry leading performance by a relatively small team. Now these results are being reproduced as new REOcomplete offices continue to open.  

Everyone knows the typical residential real estate “brand names,” businesses where clients may average 2-6 real estate transactions in a lifetime. Nonetheless, there has never been a “brand” in REO. This never made sense, because REO clients have hundreds or even thousands of assets across the country. Companies have created elements of the business but REOcomplete has created an REO brand. 

If you are a client with REO assets, or an REO agent or broker who wants to take their REO business, check out all that REOcomplete offices and agents have to offer. If you are a buyer, and would like to work with an agent backed by true industry knowledge and experience (not just some online course and a certification that didn’t even exist a few years ago) contact your nearest REOcomplete office!

Current Property Stats:

Average Days To Vacant – 69
Gross Sale Price To BPO ratio – 97%
Average DOM – 67
Average Days Pending – 32
Gross Sale Price To List Price Ratio – 88%
Days in Inventory – Withheld Due To Industry Moratoriums

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